Infraverbal communication between bodies of radically different nature

These days at Metal I’m trying to explore the idea of Infraverbal Communication among bodies of radically different nature. I am very interested in how bodies communicate outside language and symbols. I am interested in all those signals that connect bodies that lie beneath consciousness, outside the discursive space, beyond rationality: deep media.

I am interested in the idea of modes of perception that exceed the realm of the five senses. Through exploring other modes of connection we can begin to understand the level of entanglement among bodies (human and nonhuman). At present I am working on a relationship between three very precise bodies:

- The Sun
- A Human Body
- A Machine (a media system)

What I want to do to start with is to build small prototypes that provide the human body with a new sense that allows the Sun to affect it in a different way. In doing so my aim is to see whether infraverbal communication can be expanded, opened up, allowed to flourish. Further than that there can’t be a particular aim since it will be the communication itself that will have to take us to the next step. I don’t want to enter this experiment with an idea of what that communication needs to do, I’ll just work at the level of the architecture of the channels of communication.

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