Day 0 – Presentations

Right after today’s social activities, the participating artists sat all together with Graham and Simon for one last group session before calling it a night. During that session Caroline Heron, Olga Panades, Markus Soukup and Hans Verhaegen presented to the rest of the artists their work and  elaborated on their present interests.

Caroline Heron is currently involved in the “Art of Digital London”, an urban network for cultural organisations and digital strategy, where she co-organizes events that cover such topics as digital arts, new media, gaming and many more. She is also holding a position at Mute Magazine as project coordinator.

Olga Panades is a media arts researcher with an interest in biotechnology and body communication. Her work has been featured at Mediashed and Furtherfield, where she operates as co-editor and workshops facilitator. She also carries an enthusiasm for physical computing and during the Metal – DEC Labs she will be cooperating with Stephen Fortune for a session on Arduino.

Markus Soukup is new media and sound artist currently living in Liverpool. He was recently shortlisted for the Liverpool Art Prize 2011 for his work at “The Bluecoat” in which he worked in a negotiation between the physical and virtual worlds through video installations and 2D and 3D animations. His time-based media works have been featured in exhibitions all around Europe and he has been involved in many web design projects.

Hans Verhaegen is an artist based in Brussels, where he accommodates his work under the roof of his studio, Hansup. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Ghent and the Free University of Brussels, Verhaegen navigates through different formats of artistic endeavors including oil and wall paintings, prints and digital animations. In 2009 he won with ’128 people‘ the award of the public at the Fotomuseum in Antwerpen.

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